I'm just some bloke who lives in Scotland, although I’m not fond of kilts and don’t have regular sexual intercourse with sheep. (And for my more thick-headed visitors, please be aware that haggis is not a small-legged wild animal which roams around the Scottish hills.) I spend my free time crying, sleeping and eating. My favorite colour/color is navy-blue. I cannot decide my favorite animal between monkeys, giraffes, turtles and penguins. You’re probably already bored.

This is a “ humor” blog focusing on life tips for teenagers. It may occasionally be useful, for example you can learn how to go on a date without your newly-established girl/boyfriend killing themselves. Mostly, though, this stuff is probably pretty irrelevant to your day to day life. I’m sorry; you can stop reading if you want. Just keep in mind you’ll be missing out on quality content like how to fail an exam when you already know you’re going to fail.

Thanks for reading this by the way. (And hopefully other parts of this blog.) Feel free to leave a comment on any of the posts and I’ll reply as soon as possible if, you know, it’s a question type of comment. You can also contact me by email at unhelpfulteen@gmail.com Internet high fives to anyone who decides to follow this blog, by the way.

Well done for reading all that. Here’s a picture of a kitten as a reward:

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  1. Ginger says:
    14 June 2013 at 14:15

    Hi Callum,

    Thanks very much for registering at Teenage Blogger Central! Awesome blog, btw, I laughed out loud at some of your "helpful" guides :)

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