7) How to fail an exam… in style.

Note – Following this tip will probably ruin your life. This blog isn't called “Unhelpful Teen” for nothing.

A)      Start a food fight.

B)      Play Frisbee with someone at the opposite end of the hall.

C)      Tell the invigilator/instructor they look sexy.

D)     Answer questions in an English exam in Chinese.

E)      Do the exam in crayons.

F)      Attempt to start a Mexican wave.

G)     Play ‘Chubby Bunny.’ 

H)     Strip.

I)        Bring your pet Chihuahua.

J)       Get pizza delivered to the exam hall.

K)      Propose to the instructor.

L)       Eat the exam paper. Ask for a new one.

M)   Cross-dress.

N)     Claim your religious beliefs mean you cannot take the exam.

O)     Stand up halfway through the exam and shout, “Okay everyone, let’s check our answers. Question 1, B. Question 2, D. Question 3, A…

P)      Bring a large jar of insects and release them into the exam hall.

Q)     Answer every question in invisible ink.

R)      Loudly hum the tune to “The Final Countdown” during the final ten minutes.

S)      Masturbate.

T)      As soon as you enter the hall, grab your exam and run for the door screaming, “ I've got the documents! I've finally got them!”

U)     Hire someone to give you a back massage during the exam.

V)     Pretend to come down with a bad case of Tourette’s.

W)   Have a dramatic celebration whenever you answer a question (dance on the table, throw confetti, etc.) 

X)      Bring a photo of Justin Bieber. Pray to it occasionally.

Y)      Trip people up as they walk past your table.

Z)      During the exam, frantically get up and shout, “ They've found me!” Run out of the hall.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    3 June 2013 at 11:43

    One of my favorite ways to answer an exam is to insert as many bon jovi song titles as you can into the answer

  2. Callum Puttock says:
    3 June 2013 at 14:36


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