8) How to be weird in an elevator/lift

A)     Bring a chair.

B)      Make animal noises.

C)      Offer to push the buttons for people. Press the wrong ones.

D)     Try and convert fellow passengers into your new religion.

E)      Sell Girl Scout cookies.

F)      Lick people’s ears.

G)     Pretend to be disgusted when somebody comes in. Scream, “Have you ever heard of KNOCKING!?!”

H)     Start a rave.

I)        Lay down a “Twister” mat. Invite others to play.

J)       Go naked.

K)      Dress up as the Grim Reaper. Announce to other passengers in a deep voice that, “It is time…”

L)     As the lift journey comes to an end, get emotional and tell fellow passengers you will never forget them. Have a group hug.

M)   Bring a rocking chair and knit.

N)     Wear ‘X-Ray Goggles’ and comment on the bodies of other passengers.

O)     Dress up as an air flight attendant and perform a safety briefing.

P)      Insist every passenger wears a name-tag.

Q)     Leave a large box in the corner. Ask passengers if they can hear a ticking noise.

R)      Stand facing towards the walls, not moving or making any sound. Never get off.

S)      Bring a shovel and attempt to dig for treasure.

T)      Laugh manically and cry hysterically. At the same time.

U)     Bring a magnifying glass and inspect people’s skin. Inform them their pores are looking healthy.

V)     Hang pictures of yourself on the walls.

W)   Declare war on a fellow passenger.

X)      Try to fart and burp at the same time.

Y)      Dress up as Spiderman. Attempt to climb the walls.

Z)      Bring a large bag of manure and empty it in the middle of the elevator. 

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  1. Grace G says:
    9 August 2013 at 10:39

    Every so often, take a look in your bag and whisper "Do you have enough air in there?"

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