9) How to die

A)     Being hit by a car, then flying through the air and being hit by another car.

B)      Jumping off a skyscraper and being sniped on the way down.

C)      Cutting the red wire.

D)     Being hit by a cannonball that was fired in your honor.

E)      Believing Red Bull.

F)      Snakes on a plane.

G)     Accidentally drinking lava.

H)     Eaten by a rabid llama.

I)        Have a bath with your pet toaster.

J)       Running with scissors.

K)      Driving over an unfinished bridge.

L)       Stepping on a piece of Lego.

M)   Being run over by an ambulance.

N)     Attempting to dig a hole through the world.

O)     Allergic to air.

P)      Accidentally eating yourself.

Q)     Being scared half to death twice.

R)      Your conjoined twin is a cannibal.

S)      Reverse diarrhea.

T)       Picked as a tribute for the Hunger Games.

U)     Have a kidney removed. Twice.

V)     Head-butt a moving missile.

W)   Bathe in hydrofluoric acid.

X)      Skydiving into a volcano.

Y)      Swallowing a grenade.

Z)      Getting “birthday bumps” as a 90 year old.  

2 Response to "9) How to die"

  1. the Link Directory says:
    28 April 2013 at 08:53

    Nice List sometimes I want to jump into a volcano.

  2. Callum Puttock says:
    29 April 2013 at 13:42

    Well, at least it's a pretty bad-ass way to die. Thanks for commenting by the way :)

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